About Me


I am Azadeh Karami. I am 37 years old and live in Tehran, Iran. Also my nickname is Andisheh. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture about eleven years ago. I started working in various fields at the age of eighteen. But in addition to doing lucrative work, I also did art activities such as blogging, painting, photography and modeling. In order to continue living, in addition to my job income, I needed to free my soul and spirit. And I clawed to everything to calm my restless soul. But it was writing that ultimately brought me closer to myself. Writing was a way in which I could free my scattered thoughts. And at the same time, it connected the world inside and the world outside of me. The miracle of the word fascinated me more than anything. The word was a strange thing to me that every writer or poet shaped in his own way and created a different world. This miracle of the word awakened an involuntary sensory inside me, a feeling that likes to shape itself with the word miracle and to objectify its identity in the form of that miracle

From an early age, I became interested in reading and writing poems and stories, and have dreamed of writing ever since. This dream sometimes manifested itself in the form of writing a few lines of poetry. But about five years ago, I started writing seriously and continuously. As a result of the efforts of all these years, twelve short stories have not been published yet.